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Best Magic Kits Reviews

Children are easy to entertain. No matter what activity you choose to engage them in, they will be happy as long as you can make them laugh, stir their curiosity, or even leave them to take charge on something. Their brains are still wired in a non-complicatedway, and no matter what you do, they will feel stimulated and amused.

Fantasma Toys Super Deluxe Legends of Magic
Over 300 cool tricks to learn
Includes: 90 minute instructional DVD
the included flocked table converts into a working illusion
Marvin’s Magic Mind Blowing Magic Tricks
Set includes 100 different, exciting and entertaining magic tricks
includes Cups and Balls, Incredible Card Tricks etc.
will blow-away, baffle and mystify audiences
Ideal Mega Magic Show Kit
220 Trick Magic Set with everything a magician needs
Includes magic wand, cups, balls, tubes, bottles, rabbits etc.
Recommended for children 7 years of age and older

One of the things that are a hit with children is magic. They don’t have too much information on it, they are not aware of what is behind that trick you are doing, so they are entirely fascinated by magic. They are amazed and curious at the same time, so they show a lot of interest in it. That is why a magic kit is one of the best things you can own if you have kids. Or better yet, teach them how to do magic tricks, let them entertain you. Trust me, magic will keep them occupied for months. We all know that kids lose interest fast, but a magic kit is one of those things that don’t fade away quickly.

The benefits of learning magic

Magic and learning its secrets holds benefits for both adults and children, which is why I compiled a list with the advantages learning magic can provide. Some are practical, and some of them are just for fun. But this is magic we are talking about. It’s not meant to be serious. It doesn’t matter that it’s for grown-ups or kids, the benefits are plenty, and you can fully enjoy it.

  • You can learn something that brings joy – this is a more adult-oriented benefit. It doesn’t matter that you are 20 or 60 years old. You can learn something new that will not only entertain others, but it can be entertaining for yourself. The most sought out field of magic for adults is mostly psychology oriented. Adults prefer to learn how to read minds rather than playing with a stack of cards. Nothing wrong with that. Magic books are a very exciting read. Once you get your hands on one of those books, chances that you are going to give up on it before finishing it are slim to none.
  • Improves gross motor skills – have you ever wondered how those magicians manage to do the trick without you even noticing it? I am referring mainly to cards tricks. Magicians manage to move those cards so fast, that you don’t even have time to see where they went. That is because they had a lot of practice and improved their motor skills. Learning that can be difficult, but once you make it, you will have a strange feeling of accomplishment. Even better, let your child find out how to do that, and he or she will develop fine and gross motor skills. From where I stand, it’s worth the 20 bucks you spend on a decent magic kit.
  • It teaches discipline – if you have a child who is into magic, a magic kit is the best way he or she will learn discipline. There is one condition, though. If you expect your child to learn discipline, he or she must really have a passion for magic. Otherwise, the whole thing becomes a chore. As children become better and better at doing magic, they will want to stage shows, pick out costumes, and stuff like that. They will get involved, and they will practice. The point is that kids become devoted, which is a fantastic exercise towards self-discipline. As long as they know that they have to put in some work to get results, they will learn a valuable lesson.
  • It improves self-confidence – the best way you can teach your children to have self-confidence is to put them in particular situations where they need to do something in front of somebody else. However, not all children are into sports. But magic will do the trick (pun intended.) Their skills improve, they put on shows, and if they get it right, which is most of the cases because the magic kits available are very simple, they will gain that self-confidence I am talking about. They can get rid of their shyness, and they will learn to trust their skills in general. That is also a very valuable
  • It teaches social skills – a big part of magic is to capture the audience. How many good magicians did you see who did not have any charisma? None. It’s a part of the show. By learning magic, your child will learn how to charm the audience by using his or her language skills, gestures, and presentation skills. Those are actually useful skills in society. You kid will be more sociable, he will be better perceived by others and will be able to develop a sensitivity to a group’s dynamics. That means he or she will fit in society a lot better than without a related activity.
  • Stimulates curiosity – one of the things that parents should take advantage of while their children are still small is their curiosity. A child is by definition a very curious creature. He or she will want to know how things work and why did your magic trick come out the way it did. Take full advantage of that. It will help develop the kid’s brain. Nothing will be able to teach your children the way curiosity does.Some magic kits even contain science tricks, which is the best opportunity to introduce your kid to science. The possibilities are endless when you have a curious child, so take advantage of it. It fades away with age. Feed your child information now while it is asked for.
  • It can improve the quality of life of sick children – I know that this is not the happiest benefit I could bring up, but I think it’s worth knowing. Studies have been conducted, and apparently, children who are admitted to the hospital with various conditions have an improved mood thanks to magic. Magic is used as some sort of therapy for children who are hospitalized for extendedperiods of time. It’s not hard to see why. It is not news that children have a better coping mechanism than adults, especially when they are entertained. That can cause them to feel better in general, and in some cases, it may boost their immune system and get better altogether. Some parents teach their children magic tricks so that they can perform in pediatric wings of hospitals. It’s a noble thing that is worth investing time, effort, and money in.

What are the best magic tricks?

Unfortunately, not all magic tricks on the market raise to your expectations. Some of them are a bunch of cheap knock-offs that will do nothing more than disappoint. That is why it is very important to know what you buy before even deciding to make a purchase. The best way to do that is by reading magic kits reviews you can find online. People who already purchased a particular product are the most qualified to tell you if that certain product is worth its value or not.

Fantasma Toys Super Deluxe Legends of Magic

The Fantasma magic kit contains over 300 tricks that will keep you or your child entertained for many months to come. There is a variety of tricks you can learn and perform in frontof your family and friends. The kit contains a magic wand, a phantom deck of cards, a magic card box, linking rings, an escape chain, and production tubes. Even the box itself can be turned into a working illusion box. You can use it to make objects disappear and reappear. This magic kit is quite legit considering the fact that it has been endorsed by the International Brotherhood of Magicians, which is the biggest magic organization in the entire world.

It doesn’t matter if you a beginner or a connoisseur when it comes to magic. This kit can cover a wide variety of skills. Even children can learn how to use it. However, the child must not be very young. This is one of those magic kits for 12-year-olds, not 7. The introduction to magic is smooth; you can start with some cards tricks because they are the most simple. You or your kid will become pretty good at magic in no time.

One of the things that make this magic kit popular is that it contains an instructional video on how to perform some of the tricks. It even includes videos of the world’s most famous magicians like the Great Houdini, Al Flosso, and Kalanag. The videos are quite mesmerizing and will stimulate the curiosity of any child. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Marvin’s Magic Mind Blowing Magic Tricks

Marvin’s Magic Tricks does not contain as many activities as the previous product, but it will still capture your attention or that of your child. The kit is very easy to use, the instructions are very easy to follow, and you will be able to master the use of this kit in the shortest amount of time possible. The tricks will blow away anyone who watches you, and your child will be more than impressed.

The box includes an instant vanishing pen, incredible fly paddles, ‘frozen ice’ illusion, impossible sixth sense, cups and balls, incrediblecard tricks, and much more. I am going to let you be surprised by the rest. There are 100 different tricks, so get ready to be amazed.

This is one of the best magic kits for kids because most of the tricks involve the use of dexterity, skill, and practice. Not only that your child will be occupied, but he or she will develop some skills learning how to use it, skills that children need to learn anyway. It’s better if they do it in a fun way, isn’t it? Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Ideal Mega Magic Show Kit

Since all the products I chose so far are for adults and prepubescent children, I thought that I should go with one that was designed for children aged 7 and older. The beauty of this age isthat anything can impress you, and learning comes easy when you have the brain like a sponge that absorbs information.

The kit contains 64 pieces with the help of which you can perform roughly 220 magic tricks. Everything your child needs to put on a show, you will find in that box. All you have to do is read the booklet and teach your kid how to perform. Doing that is not very difficult since the kit was designed for beginner magicians.

The magic kit from Ideal contains a magic wand, cups, balls, tubes, bottles rabbits, cards, handkerchiefs, a mysterious box, levitating tool, magic hat, lunch box, rings, and a lot more. You can pull items out of a hat, you can make things change places, and much more. The Ideal Mega Magic Show Kit will keep your kid entertained for months. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

I always believed in the principle ‘the more, the better,’ which is why my number one recommendation is the Fantasma Toys Super Deluxe Legends of Magic. It has all the things you need. You can perform 302 tricks, which is enough to keep you or your kid occupied for a full year. The instructions are on video, which means they are easier to follow than with a booklet, and it has the most impressive tricks. That is why I believe this kit is one of the best magic kits for beginners.


We all need a little bit of magic in our lives. Whether we create it ourselves or we need a magic kit for it, it doesn’t matter. As long as we can accomplish it, everyone around us should be happy. Children will always smile and laugh when it comes to magic. For them, everything is touched by it. So a magic kit is the best way to bring a big smile on your kid’s face. Click here to buy on Amazon

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